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Want Your Best Life? Be Your Best “You”

Want Your Best Life? Be Your Best “You”

Let’s chat about your life. How’s it going? Are you happy with how you’re living? Often, we have dreams, ideas or aspirations, but we don’t quite “launch.” Let’s see how you can really move yourself forward.

5 Tips for Choosing a Quality CDA® Training Program

5 Tips for Choosing a Quality CDA® Training Program

You’ve decided to pursue a Child Development Associate® (CDA) credential™. And you get daily emails about training. Free! Discount! Click here and buy! How do you know what’s good training — which one to choose?

How to Say “No”

How to Say “No”

Are you someone who says YES too often? Afraid to say NO? Find out why it’s important for women in the workplace to learn to say no. And, get some great concrete tips on how to say No effectively

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Body Language for Leaders

Leadership is about your social influence. When people trust you, they are willing to embrace your vision, engage with you, and work towards a common goal.

Fine-tune your body language as a communication tool for building trust and engagement.


Observing Body Language: Checklist

Use this infographic to help yourself strike the right balance: relaxed, but self-assured; engaged, but not overbearing. Or use it to observe and learn from others!

Body Language Tips for Leaders

Get practical tips for postures of confidence and building engaged relationships.

Increase Your Body Awareness

You must be aware of your body — in real time. Use this step-by-step guide to increase your skill with an easy daily practice.

Onboarding to Stay Aboard: Retain Your Employees

How do some small businesses successfully retain their employees, even at low pay rates? Half the battle is to be prepared and use retention strategies.

The documents below help you do that. They were designed for centers in Early Childhood Care and Education, but the concepts and lists can be adapted to any industry.


“I Belong” — New Hire Retention Through Positive Onboarding

Does your onboarding process facilitate your employee’s emotional experiences? Get ideas on how to achieve emotional objectives for better retention.

“The Lists of All Lists” — New Hire Onboarding Checklist

Keep yourself on track — and increase retention — using this checklist for activities Before Day 1, Day 1, Weeks 1-2, Weeks 3-4, Months 2-12.

Beyond Onboarding

Retention strategies must be ongoing. Get many great ideas and tips for what you can do!

“Buddy” vs “Mentor” — What’s the Difference?

Buddy and Mentor are distinct roles. Support retention by getting the best of both roles.

Becoming the Best You

Carla offers a workshop called “Becoming the Best You – Starting Today.” (Contact her for details.)

The Participant Workbook (below) walks you through (1) creating a vision, (2) uncovering internal blocks, (3) setting goals and action steps, and (4) keeping up your momentum.  


Becoming the Best You - Participant Workbook

Who’s the person who can achieve all that you want to do and be? The best version of yourself! Find out how, with tools to get started right away.