Let’s Celebrate YOU!

 In Your Best Self

Let’s all raise our glasses in a toast for …


Imagine you’re surrounded by people who love you. They’re cheering for you! Soak in all those good vibes. Those warm wishes. All that appreciation. It’s for you!

As the year comes to a close, what better time to be grateful for the gifts we have? For all that’s good and positive about each and every one of us?

If you’ve been following my posts this past year, we’ve been working together on becoming a better version of ourselves. We’ve defined success for ourselves. We overcame fears. We took ownership for our mistakes. And we changed bad habits. Whew!

Now let’s take a breather. Let’s hit the pause button on self-improvement.

You know why?

Because we can get so caught up in working towards a better version of ourselves, we forget to recognize what’s good! And I’m 100% sure there’s a lot great about you. Your values, your gifts, your positive characteristics.

Strangely enough, many feel a bit uncomfortable celebrating themselves. I’ve been there. So, if that’s you, maybe you just don’t know how to do it right! So, here are three fun, positive Power Challenges to help you out.

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Power Challenge 1: Showcase the Positive

It’s time to toot your own horn — to yourself! Grab a nice tea, glass of wine — anything that’s a bit of a treat for you. Snuggle into a comfy chair. And if you’d like, use your journal.

As you relax, start to think about yourself in a positive way.

Ask yourself…

  • What are my positive characteristics, traits or values?
  • What are my natural gifts or talents?
  • What are some great skills I’ve recently developed?
  • What do I really like about myself?

Take a moment to actually think about these. Don’t just rush through. This is your time. If you’re unsure of an answer it’s okay to sit with it until you hear one. When your answer comes it will feel right.

Power Quote:

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate.” — Oprah Winfrey

Don’t feel embarrassed or shy. It’s not bragging or boasting to recognize your good qualities. It’s only bragging when you use them to try to prove you’re better than other people. And I know you’re not doing that!

Think of as many positives about yourself as you can. Maybe jot them down as a special journal entry or “note to self.” You can refer back to your list whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

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Power Challenge 2: Celebrate Your Successes

Now that you’ve thought about your great qualities, it’s time to shift to thinking about your successes this past year. Cast your mind back to January 1. Recall some of your goals and activities during the year. (If you wrote in a journal, you might use it to jog your memory.)

Remember, success is whatever YOU define it to be. Not other people’s expectations. Think about your work. And your personal life. Your home, your hobbies, your community.

Power Thought:

Nothing is too small to celebrate.

What are you proud of doing, achieving or accomplishing? What positive changes did you make? What recognition did you get from others?

Give yourself thanks and credit for the things you feel good about. Acknowledge all of it. Not just the big things! Every success counts … no matter how small.

Power Challenge 3: Show Gratitude to Your Supporters

Now turn your attention to others. During the past year, who played a role in helping you become a better version of yourself?

Think about people who had a formal role, such as a mentor, teacher, supervisor or spiritual leader. Think about supportive friends or loving family members.

You can even think about people who helped you grow just because you had to deal with them! They weren’t trying to help. In fact, they might have been a real pain. But somehow you grew as a person through the challenge of interacting with them.

Power Quote:

“Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each another.” — Randy Pausch

Now you have a list of people who helped you become a better you. Next, brainstorm ways to thank all (or some) of them. How might you express your gratitude? Here are some ideas — and feel free to get creative on your own!

  • Say a prayer or blessing for someone. Or send their name out to the universe with your feeling of gratitude and wishes for their well-being.
  • Send a handwritten card or note sharing how the person helped you.
  • Make a charity donation in their name.
  • Make a call or visit to share your thanks and gratitude.

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A Year of Growth

Now, as our year together ends, I want to thank YOU for reading and following along with me. I’ve enjoyed walking with you on the journey to becoming our best selves. Next year our theme will be personal values. I can’t wait to share more with you!

In the meantime, happy holidays to all!

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