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Each month, I feature one of my top-ten core values. This is my ninth: Find Your Faith.

Have you ever seen something so amazing, so breath-taking — you could only stand there in wonder and awe?

That was me last summer, one night near the Grand Canyon. We were far, far away from city lights. I looked up at the sky, transfixed by the beauty and vastness of so … many … stars.  I’d never seen them quite this way before.

For some people, looking for constellations is a fun pastime. For others, their life’s work is to study the stars and solve the scientific mysteries of our universe.

For me, the experience that night reaffirmed my faith in God.

Looking up at the unfathomable depth and complexity and enormity, I thought, There’s no way our little lives are “all” there is to this world. How can we not question how we got here? There has to be something bigger — bigger than any of us can even imagine.

I’ve had strong faith in God ever since I was a teenager. And all these years, my faith has guided my daily decisions and actions. It’s helped me to live as someone I’m (usually) very proud to be.

That’s why I’m highlighting “find your faith” as this month’s core value.

It’s About Your Best Self

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, all my core values are about striving to be your best self. Every day. As best you can. And, in circumstances good and bad. Finding your faith — whatever that means to you — can play a big role in helping you be your “best you” consistently, across more situations.

It’s my hope that, with faith, you’ll live by positive values. And as you do, you’ll positively impact other people.

Power Tip

Get your copy of my free worksheet. It features this month’s core value, “Find Your Faith.” Expect a new worksheet every month.

It’s not my intent to persuade you to follow a certain religion or tell you what you should believe. Instead, I’m going to guide you in exploring what’s right for you.

Faith and God mean many different things to different people. And that’s okay. My cadre of friends includes people who practice specific faiths other than my own, including Islam, Judaism and Catholicism. Other friends follow the spiritual beat of their own drums.

While our faith can lead us in daily life and help us be a “good person,” I also believe it’s important that our faith also help us value other people and their faiths, too.

Power Move:

Choose to be values-driven in your everyday life.

So, come along with me in three Power Challenges, as we explore this wonderful core value of finding your faith!

Power Challenge 1: Be Values-Driven

We all get caught up in ourselves sometimes. You know, those times you get a little (or a lot) self-centered! You obsess about what you want. What you don’t want. How you want things to be.

While it is important to prioritize yourself at times, I’ve come to believe that life is about more than our small, self-serving desires. Your faith and belief in God expands your perspective. Faith allows you to see other people — and care about them, and value them, and act in ways to help them.

In other words, you choose to be values-driven in your everyday life. That’s what this year of blog articles has been all about! I’ve been sharing the values that work for me.

You have your own values that work for you. It’s not my (nor anyone’s) place to judge your values. But the key point is, do consciously pick your values. Don’t let them be haphazard or occasional.

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To find out if you are living a values-driven life, here’s a little questionnaire:

  • Can you name your core values?
  • Are you conscious of your values as you go about your day?
  • Do you try to speak and act in ways consistent with your values?
  • When making decisions, do you incorporate your values?

Did you answer “no” to some of these questions? If you haven’t yet defined your core values, start exploring them. See my starter list here, or search “list of core values” in a web browser.

Power Thought:

Finding your faith helps you be your “best you” more consistently.

If you already know your core values, take a moment to look at how well you’re aligning with them in your daily life. You’ll probably find some opportunities to fine-tune your words or actions! As with all things, take it one step at a time.

Power Challenge 2: Value Other People

Perhaps you’re wondering if some values are “better” than others. I try not to compare or judge. Most people believe their values — and their individual goals — are the “best.” But that’s subjective and not a helpful mindset.

It is indeed possible to live by completely self-serving values. But if that were your style, I doubt you’d be reading this blog! My definition of living a values-driven life means some of your values are about “doing some good” as you go through your life.

Here’s another little questionnaire to dig further into your core values:

  • In what ways do you value others’ lives as you do your own?
  • How do you help others in need?
  • How do you contribute, even in small ways, to others’ well-being?
  • In what ways do you strive to be open-minded and tolerant of differences?
  • How do you seek to leave your slice of the world better than you found it?

In a way, Power Challenges 1 and 2 are challenges for life. They’re not a “one and done” kind of thing! They are almost more of a philosophy about how to live.

From time to time, as you grow and encounter new situations, you may revisit your values and alignment. And that’s okay! For me, my faith in God gives me a consistent overall direction while I work out the details in any given situation.

Speaking of faith, let’s continue on to Power Challenge 3!

Power Challenge 3 – Find Your Faith

Finding your faith is a personal journey. It’s different for everyone. So, let’s start at the beginning: What is faith, anyway?

Faith is great trust or confidence. You can have faith in many different ways: faith in another person, faith in an institution or organization, faith in a process or doctrine.

To get a sense of what trust feels like to you, start at the “everyday” level. What are some everyday things, occurrences or structures that you have faith in, without even realizing you do? For example …

  • Doing laundry — you have faith (trust) if you follow your process, you’ll get the same outcome of clean clothes each time
  • Relationship with a trusted co-worker — you have faith (full confidence) they’ll always do their part on time
  • The weather — you have faith (trust) that the sun and moon will rise and set, that rain will fall — and stop falling

As a first step, start noticing all these “little” everyday experiences of your faith. Allow yourself to fully experience trust whenever that’s possible for you.

Having faith can be easy when you have “proof” or consistency. The person, or process, repeats every time. You feel confident.

But what about when you don’t have proof? For example, faith in God (however you understand God) is a choice. You choose to have faith even though you don’t have definitive proof.

Whether or not you believe there’s proof that God exists, you can choose to have faith. A friend of mine says, “I truly don’t know whether there’s a God or not. I’ve experienced life in both ways — with faith and without. I choose to have faith, because doing so makes my life consistently more enjoyable and fulfilling.”

If you’d like to find your faith, you can explore these questions:

  • What if there were someone or something bigger than all of us? What would that mean for our lives?
  • What if there were unconditional, never-ending support for you — support you cannot see or prove?
  • What if your life has more meaning than you know?
  • What if, on some level, everyone is connected to each other?
  • What if God is expressed through every person … including you?

Just like Power Challenges 1 and 2, this third one will last you a lifetime. Don’t let that be overwhelming! This is not one of your to-do items, and you don’t have to have answers. It’s more like letting these ideas marinate within you.

Just take one question at a time, and let it be in your mind as you go about your day. Be open and curious. See what arises!

Power Thought:

Faith is a choice. You choose to have faith without definitive proof.

It’s Your Journey

Today I’ve shared ideas with you based on my own experiences. They aren’t the only way or “right” way … just what has worked for me. I hope you find them helpful for your own exploration.

Finding your faith can make you feel uplifted, optimistic and connected. You can feel supported and loved. Have a sense of purpose and meaning. And you can find new gratitude for everyone and everything in your life.

Enjoy the ride!

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