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Are you feeling uninspired with the humdrum of your “same-old, same-old” routine day after day? Well, I have a wonderful antidote for you. It’s your passions!

I know, the word passion is overused and often misunderstood. For some people (maybe you?) it triggers an eye roll. Before I go any further, let me clarify what I mean.

Actually, it’s simple: A passion is something you really enjoy. Whether it’s an activity or interest, you feel jazzed about it. It puts you in the flow.

Love pickleball? That’s a passion.

Love to delve into a spreadsheet? That’s a passion, too!

There aren’t any hard and fast rules about passions. We’re talking about things that float your boat! You can have one or as many as you want. And, as you go through different stages of your life, your passions — your deep interests — may change.

When you’re trapped in a cycle of monotony, a spark of inspiration can help you break free. Maybe you see a quote or listen to a podcast, and you feel a pull toward something that excites you. And you just start doing it.

Then comes the shift! When you’re doing what you love, the good energy you feel spills over into other areas of your life. You become more inspired — and better able to inspire others.

To me, that sounds like a much better place to be! How about you?

More than Fun and Games

Some people can rattle off a list of activities that take them to their happy place. Others may wonder if they have even one passion!

All of it is normal. The truth?  Everyone can feel invigorated by a passion.

Often, we get caught up in our day-to-day responsibilities. The “good stuff” goes on the back burner.

We tell ourselves we’re too busy. Too tired. Or too old (gasp!) to do the things we really enjoy.

Here’s a little secret: By indulging in our passions, we actually increase our productivity. We’re more energized. More awake!

Our passions help us feel connected.  Connected to people, groups, activities or causes we support. Even if passions seem like “fun and games,” they are a powerful source of inspiration.

Not sure of YOUR passions?

No problem, just don’t overcomplicate it!

Consider what makes you feel really happy. Jazzed. Energized. Fulfilled! Here are a few signs you might be passionate about something:

  • You lose all sense of time when you’re involved in it.
  • You seek out other people who share your interest.
  • You can talk about it all day — and never tire.
  • You gravitate toward books, podcasts, webinars or videos about it.
  • You’re willing to get off the couch or up from your desk to go do it.
  • You block time on your calendar for it.

A friend of mine told me she never thought she had passions. But when a therapist asked her, “What really lights you up?” she instantly said: “Talking with people about things that matter to them.” That answer led her to pursue a fulfilling career as a life coach.

Here’s a mini experiment. Give it a try. Right now!

Close your eyes and bring to mind something (but not a person) that excites you. Stay with your image. Notice how you feel in your body. Zing? Buzz? Energy? A passion will create a feeling of movement.

By the way, you don’t have to be great at something to be passionate about it!

Inspiring yourself through passions is not about the pursuit of excellence or reaching some lofty goal. It’s simply doing or learning about something for the sheer enjoyment of it.

Power Challenge: Pick One Passion to Nurture

What is one activity, subject, cause or type of event you feel most drawn to?

Think about how you can engage in it regularly. This could be daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly — whatever feels do-able without overburdening your already-busy schedule.

You know that expression, go big or go home? Forget it! Your passion does not have to be big or sparkly! It just needs to be something that makes you feel alive. It could be as small as a cross-stitch project, as modest as a batch of cookies, or as commonplace as reading mystery novels.

For your passion, you might  choose to:

  • Ride your bike, swim, hike, etc.
  • Do some deep-dive learning about a subject of interest
  • Nurture your creativity by crafting, scrapbooking, building something, redecorating or playing a musical instrument
  • Take a self-help course
  • Organize a games night with friends
  • __________ (YOU fill in the blank!)
Power Question:

What did you do for fun when you were a kid? How can you reignite the spark for it now?

And who says you can’t be passionate about your work? Some people are truly working in alignment with their passion. That counts!

Or perhaps your passion isn’t part of your job description, but there’s a way you can bring it into your workplace. Be creative.

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Whether you’re thinking about fueling a passion at home or at work, just choose one for now. Remember, we’re keeping things simple this year.

Get Inspired!

Here’s what passion looks and sounds like for me. If you ask how I feel about community work, I’ll tell you, “Pull up a chair!”

I could talk for hours about one of my passions: giving back and “paying it forward.”

I’d excitedly share my experiences. I’d tell you the “helper’s high” is real. How  volunteering energizes and inspires me.

Then, I’d encourage you to fuel your own passions. Whatever they may be.

You, too, can discover — or rediscover — your sparks of inspiration. That little zing you’ve been craving? It’s right in front of you. Embrace it!

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